Mod Modular Scooter Pegs in Red

Mod Scooters Modular Pegs in Red

“The first pegs designed for 4 peg or 2 peg use.

We always had riders asking why pegs were only on one side of the scooter not both? So we designed the Modular Stunt Peg system so everyone can choose how they want the pegs fitted.

We needed a strong peg system that gave riders the choice of fitment and not compromise on strength and compatibility on many different brands of scooter. We achieved this with the modular pegs and much more. There is a choice of lengths of high tensile axle bolts and some washers provided in the package with two hollow and two threaded solid pegs. This allows the pegs to be fitted in many configurations.

Then the problem with most pegs is how to tighten them properly without gripping the peg with a vice or clamp? We put in spanner flats on the pegs which also help with other scooter brands compatibility and make it really easy to fit and tighten the pegs.

So there you have it the Modular Peg system, fits all scooters we have tested from all main brands and can be used in two or four peg configuration. High tensile axle bolts and easy assembly.

  • Sold as a pack of 4 including axles and washers.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple.