About Us

Mod Scooters was officially established in January of 2012. The team involved worked hard all throughout the summer months of 2011 to bring some of the best value freestyle scooter products to the UK market.

Stunt Scootering has evolved very quickly in the Uk over the last few years and the sport continues to thrive throughout mainland Europe, Australia and the US. Although Mod is a new company, all those involved have worked inside the industry for over 3 years so we have a good understanding into what makes a good product.

Mod Agent Action

“Mod is designed for riders giving great value and strength with top performance”

We are a British team of designers and developers who have been involved in the trick scooter world for years and realised a gap in the market for high end, affordable yet durable scooters and accessories. We have a sensible range of products that complement themselves and other brands in stores. Products are good quality and good prices for customers!

Putting good quality components onto our scooters and not being lead by factories gives us real designed products. Adding value to our brand and selling a product we are proud of is key to us.