Mod 110mm Super Light Alloy Gorgeous Wheel (SL-AG) in Purple


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Mod Scooters Super Lite Alloy Gorgeous Wheel 110mm (SL-AG) in Purple

“Super light, super fast, super strong and super pretty

110mm Mod Super Light And Gorgeous Wheels (SL-AG) was designed with a blank canvas and optimised for strength weight and riding speed.  The core has special hidden beadlocks that support the PU to the core to add rebound and strength and also prevent de-hubbing.  The centre bearing core is also beefed up to prevent ovalising and “death-click” then everything else that wasn’t needed was removed to reduce spin weight and overall weight.

The manufacturing tolerances and tests are again tight to ensure high quality adhesion of the tyre. 

Overall this wheel rides so well it sells itself once someone has had a set!

Available in 5 great anodised colours: Black, Green, Blue, Red and Purple.

Price is for a Single Wheel.